Last one running – victory for Michael Canty

Recent winner of the Ballina Salmon Festival 5K, our own Michael Canty, won the ‘Last one running’ competition in Westport on the 23rd of July.

In this competition, runners had 30 minutes to complete a 3.4k loop, of the Westport Town Greenway. Once finished the loop, runners entered the holding area and waited for the start of the next loop. All runners back within 30 minutes started again but the next loop must be completed in 29 minutes. Any runner not finished inside the time limit will be eliminated.

Remarkably, Michael completed 17 loops of the course covering a distance of 57 km over the course of the day demonstrating the remarkable stamina and speed Michael has developed over the years. The time was reduced by one minute for every loop until there was only one runner at the start line, this runner was Moy Valley AC’s own Michael Canty!

Aerial view of 'the last man running' event with Moy Valley AC's Michael Canty powering his way to victory
Aerial view of ‘the last man running’ event with Moy Valley AC’s Michael Canty powering his way to victory